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Baby Spa

About our Baby Spa

We are the first and largest award-winning Baby Spa chain established in Malaysia. As proven, we currently have 9 outlets nationwide, and are still growing.


As a wellness centre, we provide health benefits to improve baby’s immune system, health, and growth that leads to an excellent healthy lifestyle. Our spa services include baby gym, hydrotherapy (swim) and infant massage.


Our services are available for babies from between 1 month until 36 months with a minimum weight of 4.5kg.

Baby Spa Services

Gym is a light warmup session to prevent muscle cramps during the hydrotherapy session.



Hydrotherapy / swim is a form of physiotherapy that uses warm water to assist body movements, strengthen muscles, relax, and help to reduce pain.



Soothes and relaxes baby through gentle strokes. Helps to relieve wind, colic and constipation.


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