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Worries no more! Let your child move freely in water with Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness® SQUISHY swim pants. Our own designated SQUISHY swim pants just perfect for a comfort splash! Can be worn at tubs, pools, water parks, beaches, or anywhere involving water.

SQUISHY Swim Pants (Disposable)

  • Features

    • Safety: Stretchable sides and elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. Tear away from either side makes a smooth change.
    • Breathability: Breathable PE film, cloth-like back sheet. Dry and soft top sheet care for baby's delicate skin.
    • No Swell and Expand Bottom: Waterproof surface as it does not absorb into layers
    • Fastening System: Soft fitted crotch to prevent leaking and capture feaces or urine inside pants
    • Convience Usage: Can be worn under a swimsuit or alone. It's a disposable swim pants making it easy to handle
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